Radio Habana - #10

Sax y Cello – Jazz is the cat's meow


8/9/20231 min read


Dianne has been playing jazz since before she was born!

  • Both of her parents performed back in the day. Dad on accordion and Mom as a singer.

  • Not only did Dianne have gigs for several years as a young woman, but for the past decade or so, she has been fueling her passion with a vengeance by taking lessons (with some local greats) and performing with big bands or at the Clarion (3rd Sundays).

Trying to keep up with her jazz chops has always been a challenge for me since I began testing the waters in 2018. I think that this summer, I finally enjoyed getting wet!

Do you want her back??? I know that I do.

We're toying with the idea of her joining me again - Sept 6th.